In 2017 I hosted a monthly webinar series exclusively for Australian-based female BAS Agents. We had a range of speakers, including myself. And cover a variety of topics that help bookkeepers with the “business side of things”.

Upcoming webinars

I’ll be back in late 2018!

Past webinars

Webinars below that are marked *free* can be accessed. Some of the other webinars are available with a VIP membership that comes with most of our paid services. 

Webinar #14: Monday 6 November 2017 – Profit First – How to build a profitable business – with Laura Elkaslassy

Laura Elkaslassy is speaking to us on November’s webinar about Profit First and how you can build a profitable business.  

Webinar #13: Monday 2 October 2017 – Add ons for Bookkeepers – with Jen Murphy

Jeri Murphy is speaking to us about how you can use add-ons in your business. Her webinar will be about how understanding add-ons can help you offer an advisory service to your clients on top of standard bookkeeping.

Webinar #12: September 2017 Investing in your greatest asset with Amy Hooke

“In 2016 I’d landed my dream job with an ASX listed company. Around 12 months later I was in hospital with a broken neck.” During the webinar I will share about some of my own personal life challenges and how they affected my bookkeeping career. I’ll talk to you about how some of the worst events in life can be a blessing in disguise. How to keep going when you feel like giving up. Then I’ll discuss the concept of build an asset, not a job and how it relates to making the transition from the employee mindset, to the business owner mindset.

Webinar #11: August 2017 Building team culture and asking for referrals with Sophie Hossack

Sophie manages a large team of staff at Receipt Bank. She is passionate about her team and also loves helping bookkeepers to build their business. Sophie will give us some suggestions on how to approach accountants and clients to ask for referrals. She will also discuss how she motivates and manages her team of staff. 

Webinar #10: June 2017: How to actually do fixed pricing with Rachel Fenn

Rachel is the owner of Early Bird Bookkeeping. She has implemented a simple, no fluff approach to fixed pricing in her own business that tripled her income and halved her workload. Rachel gives up practical suggestions on how to price your services and calculate the cost of your tasks. She also talks about how you can access her templates and get support to implement it yourself.

Webinar #9: June 2017: The Perfect Bookkeeper Website with Amy Hooke


Amy will help you discover 4 common mistakes bookkeepers make on their websites. She also provides tips on how to avoid these mistakes, or correct them. You will also learn what all that website terminology means, about the costs (and hidden costs) involved in owning a website. Finally, you will learn more about Amy’s business, Off The Hook Websites.

Webinar #8: June 2017: Are bad clients ruining your business (and your life)?

Amy has had her fair share of bad clients. But rather than getting discouraged, or offended, she put together this training. You will discover three lies that keep you stuck working with bad clients, and the truth that will set you free. Amy also outlines the 8 Bad Client Profiles that you may come across, to help you know when it’s time to let go, or to avoid working with them in the first place.

Webinar #7: May 2017: Great Engagement Letters with Debbie Roberts

Debbie, the co-founder of the Pure Bookkeeping System and co-author of the eMyth Bookkeeper will teach us how to implement and use an engagement letter as a solid foundation for your business and the key to your future success. Setting boundaries and expectations with clients up front can save us a lot of grief in the future.

Webinar #6: April 2017: Planning & Goal Setting with Katrina Aarsman

Katrina, founder of Bookkeepers HQ, sucessfully built a bookkeeping business and sold it, wrote “Grow Profit Exit” and works as a mentor helping other bookkeepers to do the same. During the 60 minute webinar Katrina will teach us a “no fulff” way of how to increase productivity in our bookkeeping business by planning and goal setting in a way that enables us to take action.

Webinar #4: February 2017: PandaDoc Demo


Amy started Off The Hook Doc Solutions in 2016 to help bookkeepers get an impressive set of branded docs under their belt, and a quick way to collect e-signatures. In 2017 Amy became an official PandaDoc partner. In this demo she shows us how to simplify our onboarding process, and make BAS time easier. She uses the software for sending her new client engagement letter and BAS lodgment letter (with detailed reports) out for signing.

Webinar #3: November 2016: Discover Your Niche

Stop working with clients who don’t value you; Discover your Niche! Amy takes us through a detailed process that will help you narrow down who your ideas clients are. There are worksheets available with this webinar.

Webinar #2: October: Permission Marketing, Building Community, Discovering your Story

Permission marketing is one of the best ways to feel more confident about marketing. It’s a natural way that is centred around building community and actually getting permission from people before selling them anything. It steps away from the sleazy-sales approches you may have encoutered, and priorities building long-term business relationships over making a quick sale. 

Webinar #1: September: A new way to look at marketing and building community that adds value to your clients 

Building community around a common purpose can be a great way to serve local businesses and grow your business at the same time. This style of “marketing” helps you to add value to your clients, and spend time with people before you commit to working together.

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