The perfect bookkeeper website training

in this FREE training you will learn


Mistakes & Tips

Bookkeepers are making the same mistakes on their websites. These mistakes are easily avoided by learning some simple tips, and making a few changes.


Terms & Types

Websites, platforms, hosting, domain name, code, SEO, copywriting. In this webinar you'll learn the basics to help you understand what this all means.

Costs & Hidden Costs

Even if you decide to do it yourself, the costs add up. Websites have upfront and ongoing costs, as well as hidden costs that you might not have even thought of.

Work With Us

What is involved if you decide to work with us? View pricing plans and inclusions, our portfolio and what you can expect from our process and our designs.

The perfect bookkeeper website training comes with a video and PDF version.

Will your website be the best investment you make in your business this year?

A well designed, SEO friendly website with professional, marketing copy is an asset to your business.


Communicate your value

Your website must communicate your value proposition clearly so you can attract clients you want to work with. And scare off ones you don’t!


A professional look

Having a professionally designed website is not an option these days. Regardless of whether you’re networking, or looking for business online.


Stand out in the crowd

There are a lot of bookkeepers competing with you. It’s not difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. And we can help do that!


Make money on your investment

A website is not an expense; it’s an asset! You only need one new client to come from your website for it to pay for itself for the rest of its life.

the designs are…


We tailor the website to specifically communicate with your ideal clients.


Look professional on any size screen or device. We design a mobile version of each site.


Get an attractive WordPress site without breaking the bank. And a great return on your investment.

the process is…



We deal help you with the technical terms like hosting, domain names.



Our easy to follow process means we do most of the thinking (and all of the creative bits) for you.


You’ll enjoy the process as you gain insight about your business, brand and target clients.

Portfolio: Website and Logo Design

The portfolio contains a selection of website designs and logo designs for bookkeepers. You can also find Facebook Page makeovers, and other graphic design.


Click on each item below to see the answer to questions you may have.

How do the pricing plans work?

Our pricing is divided into 2 elements, to offer you more flexibility.

  1. The first 12 months: Website design plan + Website care plan
  2. After 12 months and ongoing: Website care plan only

First 12 months (Website design plan + Website care plan)

During this time you are paying off your website design on an affordable repayment plan, whilst also paying for your website care plan.

(For more details on the care plans see FAQ “What is a ‘website care plan’? Can I choose not to pay this?”)

After 12 months (Website care plan only)

From your second year, and going forward, you are no longer paying the higher repayment fee. You only pay for your website care plan.

(For more information view “Website care plan pricing and inclusions” below)

What is a "website care plan"? Are they optional?

Your “website care plan” provides you with the ongoing support that you need to keep your website hosted online, secure, up-to-date and friendly with Google. We have designed it this way intentionally to be a win-win situation.

The plans encourage our clients not to view their website as a set-and-forget online brochure. We want our clients to keep their website up-to-date and with fresh content, to keep Google happy.

Our end-goal is to provide you with a website and a service that generates new leads for your business. These plans allow us to do this without you worrying about surprise bills or us working countless hours for free!

“Website care plans” are not optional, and should be considered as being included in our packages. The reason for listing them as two separate items is to give you the ability to mix-and-match based on your needs and budget.

Am I allowed access to make my own changes?

Whilst we prefer that you leave it to the experts, we do provide our clients with their own editor login. This way you can make basic changes to the page content, write blog posts and update your details.

Keep in mind that this is what your “website care plans” are there for.

Depending on your experience with WordPress, please choose your care plan level appropriately. We hope this won’t happen, but if you damage anything, lose work or cause the platform to become unstable, you will need to pay us to fix it. Or you can upgrade your care plan at the time.

When choosing your care plan also consider the level of backups you might require. An “as requested” backup allows you to just email us to take a backup immediately before you make your changes, in case anything goes wrong.

Unless you are an experienced WordPress user, we don’t allow you to update or add plugins.

Who owns the website and content?

All the images are owned by the Adobe Stock artist. We license them from the artist via Adobe and sub-license to them to you. This is a lifetime license. It means you have lifetime access to use them on any other purpose or advertising. We also guarantee not to re-use those same images on other sites. (There is no guarantee that Adobe won’t license them to others though).

The text (copywriting) belongs to you. You are free to copy and paste any of the text to use in other advertising or promotions.

The website itself is part of the WordPress platform and cannot be separated. The website is built using a theme that we own the license to. If you want to move your site away from Off The Hook Websites, you can do so after 12 months. You will then be responsible for your maintaining your own hosting, SSL, backups, security and theme.

Ask if you need more information about this.

Please also view “Am I allowed access to make my own changes?” section.

Why the credit card surcharge?

Credit card fees are added on top of your purchase total, and are chaged monthly. As per the 1st of July 2017 ACCC ruling, we do not make a profit on any surcharges. You  are only charged at the amount it costs us to use the online payment gateways.

We use Stripe to process our payments, who charge us 2.6%. Stripe do not automatically add fees to your purchase, which means we are required to add the fee on manually.

We oncharge 3% to our clients to factor in that when we add on the 2.6% we are then charged a compounding fee on top of that amount.

Do you offer any discounts?

The following people may be eligible for discounts;

  • BAS Agents
  • Pure Bookkeeping Licensees
  • Off The Hook Facebook Group members
  • Previous customers of

If you have a PROMO CODE please enter it on the order from to apply the discount. If you believe you may be eligible for a discount, please contact us.

How do I get started?
  1. Decide on your prefered “care plan” for the first year
  2. Click “get started” on your “website design plan” of choice
  3. On the order from select the “care plan” by setting the quanity as 1
  4. Enter your credit card and personal details and submit your order
Once I've paid, what happens next?

Once you have placed your order, you will be emailed two forms to complete. This process takes around 10-15 minutes.

  1. Your “new client details” tells us about the information you need on your qualifications, professional memberships and registraitons, and software you use. You can also upload your logos here.
  2. Your “design brief” tells us more about your target client, what type of designs you like and the message you want to communicate
  3. Complete both forms
  4. We put together the initial design then contact you with a link
  5. You review the site for major changes you would like
  6. We make the changes and then notifiy you
  7. You review the site for final and minor changes
  8. We complete your SEO and put on any finishing touches
  9. We send you a website completion checklist for you to review
  10. We connect your hosting and send your site live
How long does it all take?

Once you have submitted your “design brief”, we ask you to allow up to 90 days to completion.

I can't decide. Can you help me?

If you have questions that haven’t been answered, or you need help deciding which plan combination to choose, you can;

Portfolio: Website and Logo Design

The portfolio contains a selection of website designs and logo designs for bookkeepers. You can also find Facebook Page makeovers, and other graphic design.



I would highly recommend Amy to every Bookkeeper who is looking for help with designing a website.

Julie Williams

Owner, MLD Bookkeeping Services


Off The Hook Websites made the process very easy. They understand what content should be on a bookkeeper’s website. And also on how to market the new website. I highly recommend them.

Katia Chehade

Owner, Sudoku Bookkeeping


The whole process was simple and not stressful!!

Nadia Venditti

Business Consultant, NV Business Solutions


Amy did a fabulous job creating my unique website.

Sue Miriklis

Owner, Mirror Bookkeeping


Amy helped me brainstorm and came up with the perfect ​​​​name for my business.

Terri Wilson

Owner, On The Tools Bookkeeping


Amy turns the pictures in your head into reality!

If you struggle with words, she will use her wordsmith ninja skills to bring your message to life.

Michelle Tinyou

Owner, Biznify

Pricing plans

Plans are in Australian dollars and exclude GST. A credit card surcharge of 3% applies. Payment plans and pricing will be changing from 15/12/17. 

Discounts: If you have a PROMO CODE please enter it on the order from to apply the discount.

Other plans

Plans are in Australian dollars and exclude GST. A credit card surcharge of 3% applies. Payment plans and pricing will be changing from 15/12/17. 

Discounts: If you have a PROMO CODE please enter it on the order from to apply the discount.

Work With Amy

I'd love to work with you on any of the following areas of your bookkeeping business; Website Design, Website Review, SEO Review, Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Development, Branding, Business/Marketing Plan Development, Savvy Bookkeeper Mentoring, or Pure Bookkeeping.