I now officially have no secrets!

If you’ve been wondering “what does Amy use for XYZ?” or even just trying to decide what is the best software or program to use for your bookkeeping business; today is your lucky day!

On this page I share every program I use in my business. You can click on any of the images or affiliate/partner links*.

eBooks and audio books

I have an Audible subscription with one monthly credit, and a Kindle account. Every month I buy new books to learn more about business, marketing, branding and leadership.


Domain name registration

We register all our clients with GoDaddy for simplicity and ease when it comes to launching their site. Affordable annual fees.

For .com.au domains $15 for 1st two years

For .com domains $0.99 for 1st year

Business email (previously Gmail for Business)

If there is a program I hear myself recommending to bookkeepers almost daily, it’s G-Suite. Google has fantastic customer support and for those familiar with G-mail, you’ll feel right at home.


Excel, Word, Notes, Powerpoint

Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, no bookkeeper is at home without Microsoft Office 365. The ability to use Excel via the cloud is a revolutions indeed!


Secure, online password storage

A trusted software program used by bookkeepers. It’s suitable for small business or teams. Earn commission by joining the affiliate program.


Email marketing, landing pages and automation

All our landing pages, pop ups, client order forms, and email newsletters come from ONTRAPORT. A fantastic all-in-on!


Document templates and e-signatures

After purchasing PandaDoc for my client engement letters I realised it was great for getting BAS signatures because you can attach the detail reports. PandaDoc is still my favorite software for my website desgin contracts. And I do template set ups for bookkeepers.


Bookkeeping, marketing and HR systems for bookkeepers

After discovering Pure Bookkeeping in 2014, I became a licensee. I’m now an Ambassador and Pure Bookkeeping mentor. Whether starting out in your bookkeeping busines, or a mature practice, you will benefit from this system.


Online forms and surveys

Whether onboarding new clients, or collecting feedback these forms are natural and conversational.

Our clients love them!


Accounting software

I have used Xero for my own accounts since 2014 and I couldn’t be happier. The ability to integrate with my payment gatesways, email automation/order forms really simplifies my business process.


Webinars and online meetings

Everytime you watch a webinar or have an online consultation, you’re experiencing Zoom. A fantastic software that allows you to record, screen share and provide registration forms.



*The above recommendations are programs that I’ve tried and tested for at least 12 months, I’m now a partner or affiliate for some of them, that means I earn a small commission, or some kind of reward or discount, if you join via my link. [You can read my full affiliate disclosure statement here]