Back in MarketingFYI No.1 I talked about posting the link to your website into a reputable directory like True Local or Yellow Pages.

But the reason I gave for doing it was incorrect so I’ve amended that original post. Apologies!

I talked about how posting links back to your site from another website with a higher “domain authority” can improve your own domain authority (meaning better chance of ranking in a Google search). This is absolutely correct, and it’s and important part of SEO to do this.

In a future #MarketingFYI I will talk to you more about getting links back to your site to improve your Google ranking.

But when it comes to getting links from online directories, some of these mark their links as “no-follow”. What this means is that a bit of HTML code is inserted into the field where you enter your website address telling Google NOT to pass on credibility to your site! I can confirm that True Local and Yellow Pages links are definitely “no-follow” links. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Here’s my original amended post  “Listing your bookkeeping business in online directories” if you feel inclined to check it out.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you currently have a website? Have you posted it in online directories? Do you have any backlinks to your site?

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Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.