Don’t underestimate the value of your Google rank for keywords related to your bookkeeping business

Don’t underestimate the value your Google rank. In fact, if you have invested in setting up a website. Your site is nothing but an online brochure unless you are showing up in Google searches.

Why is Google rank important?

Your Google rank determines approximately how many visitors you are going to get on your site. This is CTR (Click Through Rate). Not all those who click through will become clients, but some will. Once you know how many site visitors you have and how many of those visitors are signing up, then you will also know your “conversion rate” and start to be able to predict your future income.

Results from the Google study by Slingshot SEO showed that CTR was;

  • 18.2%  if you rank 1st
  • 10.05%  if you rank 2nd
  • 7.2%  if you rank 3rd
  • 4.8% if you rank 4th
  • 3.1%  if you rank 5th
  • 2.8%  if you rank 6th
  • 1.9% if you rank 7th
  • 1.7% if you rank 8th
  • 1.5% if you rank 9th
  • 1.0% if you rank 10th

So for example, if one of your keywords is “professional bookkeeper”. This keyword gets around 30 searches per month in Australia. This is quite low compared to the term “bookkeeper” which gets more like 1,600 per month.

Ranking for the keyword “professional bookkeeper”:

  • If you rank #1 then you will have approximately 5-6 visitors to your site per month.
  • if you rank #2 then you can expect around 3 visitors
  • If you rank #3 or #4 you can expect 1-2 visitors.
  • And if you rank #5 or above your chances are slim to none of getting any visitors on your site.

Now these numbers might seem discouraging but if you know what you’re doing then improving your rank isn’t that hard at all.

Thankfully bookkeeping is a high value service meaning that if you get one of your site visitors signing up to your service this could mean an extra $200 per month. Or it could mean an extra $2,000 per month. That’s a huge return on investment.

Also, the example I gave shows the results if you rank for ONE keyword. But the idea of having a keyword strategy to improve your Google rank is; to rank for as many relevant keywords, and keyword phrases as possible.

Remember; you only need  to pay for your website for the rest of its life.

Amy x

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Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.