Asset vs Job Program

In depth training

Develop your business and marketing plan!

Work towards a set outcome with a set but flexible curriculum. Each module helps you to put together your business plan and set goals. Ongoing access to online program including lessons and video training.


12 months of support

Your very own business partner!

Including 12 x 60 minute monthly one-on-one sessions. 12 x 90 minute monthly group sessions. Unlimited communication and portal access. A customised and personal experience.

What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and training?

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The support you’re looking for

The primary focus of mentoring is that it’s led by you, and it’s all about support

During a mentoring session, you direct the conversation. You mentor is someone who is at least one step ahead of you and can encourage you in many ways. A mentor can help you to see your blind spots that may be holding you back, give you encouragement and help draw out great ideas that may be bottled up inside.

The skills to reach your goals

The primary focus of training is that it’s led by the trainer, and it’s all about learning and putting it into action

During a training session, your trainer directs the lessons. Your trainer is someone who is more experienced than you and has knowledge that you would benefit from. A trainer can provide you with information to improve your understanding, and a step-by-step plan to follow to reach your goals.

The accountability to stick with it

Coaching sits in between mentoring and training, and alternates between who is leading the session

During a coaching session, your coach will look at your plan and see how you have been following it, and where you are getting stuck. Your coach may or may not be more experienced than you, but it’s all about following the plan and helping you stick to it. A coach can provide you with accountability, correction and motivation to follow your step-by-step plan so you can reach your goals. They can also help you to see barriers that may be getting in the way.

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About AmyHooke

Working one-on-one or small groups with female bookkeepers is what I enjoy the most. Believe it or not, I’m actually an introvert, and don’t like public speaking at all. But I’ve found the perfect way for introverts to be good at marketing. It’s all about recognising who you truly are, and embracing that. Find out what works and do more of it.
If you lack confidence, especially with marketing and sales, then you’re in the right place. I will teach you sell your services to the clients you actually want to work with.
I currently work with Debbie Roberts as a Pure Bookkeeping Ambassador, and coach and mentor. Currently I am the coach for the Pure Bookkeeping for Start Up Practices. This is a 12-month mentoring program. This year, I decided to start my own program; Asset vs Job. (See more below)


Amy demonstrated that she is a true thought leader in the bookkeeping community. If you have clients who don’t value you, if you avoid marketing, or if you haven’t yet identified your value proposition then do yourself a favour.

Debbie Roberts

Co-Founder, Pure Bookkeeping System and co-author of the eMyth Bookkeeper