Transforming the bookkeeping industry by helping great bookkeepers grow their businesses

Peter Cook and Debbie Roberts

Debbie is an inspiration to bookkeepers around Australia. Debbie has helped over 570 licensees to excel in their business by providing an excellend set of sytems, mentoring and a supportive community.

She is the co-founder of the Pure Bookkeeping System, and co-author of eMyth Bookkeeper.

Peter is a business coach and mentor, who found Debbie just in the nick of time! Deb was stressed out and overworked, and Pete helped her to make better decisions for her business and her life.

He encouraged her to streamline and put procedures in place, and eventually they developed it into a system that could help others.

Peter has also co-authored the e-Myth Bookeeper with Debbie, and Michael E. Gerber, the original author of the e-Myth.

The Book

This book will transform your bookkeeping business. Grab a copy!

Get more clients

The sales & marketing manual will give you everything you need to fill your books.

Charge more

Increase your prices, and get paid what you’re worth by providing a great service.

Recruit staff

Human resources manual will help you advertise for, interview, and test new bookkeepers.

Increase confidence

Receive unlimited community support and improve your bookkeeping skills.

Find out more

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, don’t know how to get clients or you feel over worked and undervalued. Watch “5 Keys to a Successful Bookkeeping Business.”