The Savvy Bookkeeper is the next-wave of bookkeepers who are making a difference in the lives of small business owners and their families. Through pro-active adoption of technology coupled with the willingness to challenge self, and then others, Savvy Bookkeepers are changing the world.

Savvy Bookkeepers never work alone because they are actively seeking to engage with others to form supportive and refreshing communities. We navigate dark storms, celebrate the brilliant sunshine and cruise the calm waters together.

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Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who champions and equips female entrepreneurs in bookkeeping industry to be savvy business owners. Whether you need help developing a strategic business plan, or you need systems for streamlining your bookkeeping procedures, workflow, marketing or hiring processes, Amy and her crew will be on-deck working alongside you.

Amy is based in Melbourne, Australia and works with bookkeepers and Pure Bookkeeping Licensees all over Australia via phone, Zoom or in person.

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My bio

Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.

After bookkeeping for 20 years, she started her own bookkeeping business Off The Hook Bookkeeping, based in Melbourne, Australia. During the initial stages of setting up the business Amy learned that she loved selling bookkeeping more than doing bookkeeping. She transitioned from bookkeeping, into helping bookkeepers sell their services with confidence, and charging what they’re worth.

She the founder of Off The Hook Websites, Off The Hook Doc Solutions and Her team is made up of three local staff, including her husband William. Amy runs a Facebook group The Savvy Bookkeeper. The group is for Australian-based female bookkeepers.
Debbie Roberts, Director and Co-Founder of Pure Bookkeeping, now works with Amy in her role as the Operations Manager. As a former licensee, Amy recommends the Pure Bookkeeping System. She has worked as a mentor for the Pure Bookkeeping for Start Up Practices (12-month mentoring program).

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Pure Bookkeeping Ambassador and Mentor

I’m a Pure Bookkeeping System Licensee. This system really helps bookkeepers. Debbie Roberts first came across my radar in 2015. I found her book the eMyth Bookkeeper, and I couldn’t put it down. Reading the book made me aware of mistakes I was making, and those I wanted to avoid.

After reading the book I signed up for the 28 Day Marketing Bootcamp. This helped me kick-start my marketing. I started to realise how much I enjoy the sales process. Selling the benefits of bookkeeping to business owners was exciting.
When you follow good marketing systems you start to realise you need more systems in place. You lead the clients through the sales process, set them up with a great engagement letter. Then you process their bookkeeping, and eventually hire staff. Re-inventing the wheel isn’t something I like to do. Debbie had invested so much in developing her system. Those systems include bookkeeping, HR and business management tools. I didn’t have the time, capacity or the motivation to do all of that.
My business grew quickly with Pure Bookkeeping. The community is so valuable. Their support meant a lot to me and really helped. Being surrounded by more experienced bookkeepers helps so much. They have all been through the same struggles. This gives you the confidence to launch into your purpose.

I work with Pure Bookkeeping Licensees and bookkeepers

Working one-on-one or small groups with female bookkeepers is what I enjoy the most. The work I mainly do is a combination of mentoring, training and coaching. You can read more about the difference between mentoring, coaching and training here.
I’m a bit of an introvert, and don’t like public speaking at all. But I’ve found the perfect way for introverts to be good at marketing. It’s all about recognising who you truly are, and embracing that. Find out what works and do that.
If you lack confidence, especially with marketing and sales, then you’re in the right place. I will teach you sell your services to the clients you actually want to work with.
Every month I host training webinars. Sometimes I speak and teach. Other months I have guests speakers. We cover a variety of topics relevant to bookkeeping business owners. HR, referrals, engagement letters are a few examples.
A few times a year I’ll also teach on Pure Bookkeeping webinars and at masterminds. I visit ABN Coffee Clubs, Australian Bookkeepers Network meetings, to help bookkeepers out. Permission marketing, building community, dealing with bad clients and website design.
I work with Debbie Roberts as a Pure Bookkeeping Ambassador, and coach and mentor. Currently I am the coach for the Pure Bookkeeping for Start Up Practices. This is a 12-month mentoring program.
If you would like to work together, please view my services and get in touch.