Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand so important to invest in getting a great one.

If I was a business owner, and I asked for a recommendation for a bookkeeper and people shouted out “Try Fiverr!”, you would (and rightly so) be appalled. I wouldn’t think that I should have to write this kind of an article about quality to bookkeeper. I know bookkeepers care about quality, and are the first to advocate paying more to get something better. Or, that if you scrimp to save money you will pay more in the long run. But… it happens. I’ve seen people enthusiastically recommend Fiverr and other equivalent services.

Now, each to there own. I’m not saying that you can’t get anything decent using one of these services. In this article I give my reasons against using these kinds of services. For those who have used Fiverr successfully, you may not have experienced all of these six. But I do believe that there is a good chance you may experience at least one of them, and there’s an equally good chance you might experience all six! That’s the risk you have to decided whether you want to take.

At the end of the day… it’s your brand. But here goes; 6 Reasons Not to Fiverr for your Bookkeeping Business Logo.

Reason one: Communicating with your designer.

Whenever I get a chance to support a local business, rather than offshore work to a country offering cheaper labour, I do it. When I hired our graphic designer, I decided not to go for the cheapest, but to give a job to another work-at-home-mum like myself.

Many of the service providers on Fiverr are based overseas. When you’re designing the piece of artwork that is going to represent your business and your brand, appear on your stationery, business cards, and other printed material and inspire your website designer as to the kind of website you want, it’s important to be able to communicate well with your designer.

Whilst non-English speakers can be equally talented and artistic as English speakers, there is nothing more frustrating than going back and forth trying to explain to someone overseas who is not understanding what you’re asking for.

Reason two: Spoiled for choice.

I remember how exciting it was the first time I looked on Fiverr for a design service. There were so many providers offering cheap things. But my excitement soon turned to frustration as I realised that more options aren’t necessarily a good thing. Hours and hours later of scrolling, and marking all my favorite providers, with still no idea what I wanted or who I should hire.

Having thousands of designers, or even hundreds isn’t a good thing. In fact, once I’d spent a few hours scrolling, I’d wasted a few hundred dollars of my time. This is something you need to factor into your cost; how much you need to be involved in the process. The best way to choose a designer is to get a few personal recommendations and select from a handful of designers. And then once your designer gets to work, giving you 2-4 options to choose from is more realistic, and at the end of the day, is going to save you a lot of time and frustration.

Reason three: What you really get for $5.

$5 may seem like an amazing deal for a logo. Even if it’s terrible you can try again and again many times without wasting too much money, right? Wrong. Read the small print and find out what is actually included in the $5. Often it’s not a lot. You pay more if;

  • You want to make any changes to the first draft of logo
  • You would like the designer to give you a few different designs to choose from
  • You want to keep the original editable source/AI files (if you don’t get these, down the track you will regret it!)
  • You need different versions like JPG and PNG
  • You want a transparent background
  • You need different versions for print and online (they should be different!)
  • You would like to see 3D mockups

It’s important to know what you’re getting for your money. Often it costs hundreds extra with the suppliers on Fiverr to get what you actually need.

Reason four: Keeping it original.

Imagine you’ve just received your new Fiverr logo and you’re very excited. You send it off to the printer and website designer and get everything all made up. Then a few months later you’re online looking for something and there it is; your logo. It looks like your logo but it has a different business name next to it!

A lot of the “design work” offered on Fiverr comes from databases. If you look carefully enough you may even notice yourself that two different designers in two different countries offer the same logo. And, I’m sad to say I’ve experienced a client coming to me only recently with a logo she found online. She asked me “what do you think of this?” and I hestiated, before I sent her a screenshot of another colleages Facebook page with the exact same logo but in different colours!

You need your logo to be original if it’s going to represent your business and brand. If you end up with a stock logo from a database, you may find yourself sharing a logo with one or more other businesses. Not a good look! And a huge gamble I hope you’re not willing to take.

Reason five: Quality and consistency.

In my experience, when I first start working with a bookkeeper, I will ask them to provide some examples of logos they like. Normally they will get these examples from DIY logo websites. These are not good quality logos. You might think they look kinda cool, but when your logo is out there in the marketplace it might not look so amazing.

As bookkeepers, what we think looks good, might not appeal out there in the world of business. it’s very competitive and business owners are surrounded by very high-quality images all day long. You need your logo to stand out and make a statement. And you don’t want that statement to be “I got my logo on Fiverr”. If you’re offering a budget service, and budget prices then it might not matter so much. But if you’re wanting to promote a more high-end service; quality is important.

The other aspect that matters when it comes to your logo is consistency. If you can hire the same person to do your logo, website, branding advice, Facebook page then you will have more consistency across the board. Think of your brand as an interconnected project. Where possible, if you can’t get the same person to do it all, at least see if you can work with an agency or team of people who can help you keep it consistent.

Reason six: Fiverr star service.

I’ve used Fiverr a number of times so I’m not just writing a negative article about it for fun. I’ve personally had what I would consider sub-standard service, and each time I was told, not asked, by the designer to give a five star rating. It’s a standard process built into the Fiverr system to ask for a five-star rating, and it’s every embedded in their culture.

In fact, did you know that providers are able to delete your rating if they don’t like it, by issuing you with a refund? So when you see someone with a 100% five star review, there is no guarantee that is even true. When I give ratings, I give honest ones based on my actual experience. I gave three stars to one designer, and she refunded me so she could delete my rating. Then she sent me an inbox message lecturing me about how I have ruined her career. I explained to her that the best way to get five star ratings was to listen to her customers, and use the less-than-five ratings as constructive feedback to improve her skills. Of course, she wasn’t interested.

So there you have my 6 Reasons Not to Fiverr for your Bookkeeping Business Logo. You are free to make your own business decisions at the end of the day, but I really hope you will consider my professional advice to take this seriously.

Working together

If you’re interested in discussing your logo design, I offer a free branding assessment and consultation to get you started. During the design process, we will work together, and I’ll also make recommendations, to help you develop and plan your brand or re-brand. My logo designs are not cheap; you will expect to pay far more the US$5, however, what I can guarantee you is a great quality, original piece of artwork with all the original files. And I promise that you will leave with more clarity and direction for your business future.

Please view my portfolio and packages, then book your free branding assessment and consultation.

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Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.