If you’re wondering why I only do websites designs for bookkeepers….you’re about to find out

I can’t count the amount of times people have suggested to me to broaden my horizons and design websites for other kinds of business. I’m certain that if I wanted to branch out I could, but… I don’t want to! You might also be wondering “why does AmyHooke.com only design websites for bookkeepers, and not other industries.” Here’s 10 reasons why!

Reason One: There is no one else in the industry who specialises.

Other designers who say the specialise in bookkeeping business website designs, actually don’t! Often these designers specialise in the “accounting industry”, or they do “website designs for accountants… and bookkeepers”. Though accountants and bookkeepers have some similarities and overlap, there is a lot of difference in the two when it comes to designing their website. A designer who doesn’t even realise this might not be the best person for the job.

Bookkeepers have different business models, different target markets, different SEO requirements, and…. I don’t want to be too obvious here but… 80% or more off bookkeepers are female, as opposed to accounting which has around 50% male and female. But very few of those females are in owner or partner roles in the business.

Believe it or not, men and women also have different goals when it comes to marketing. So… I specialise in helping female bookkeepers feel more confident about marketing, and develop a brand to suit their personality, lifestyle and goals.

Reason Two: I teach our clients to niche, so I practice what I preach.

In my signature training program Asset vs Job, I train bookkeepers on how to find their niche, and draw out their specialisation. I teach them this because I believe, and know from experience, that specialising in an area can lead to getting to work with better clients.

Reason Three: So we can be the very best at what we do.

It takes a long time to learn an entire industry. Anyone can come along and make assumptions about an industry, but it takes being immersed in an industry for a long time to get to know the real life people. By going deep, instead of wide, into the bookkeeping industry, my hopes are that I can learn many things that others will miss by spending time with bookkeepers and getting to know them, and learning to solve their problems really well.

Reason Four: The bookkeeping industry needs a website facelift.

I’ll say this as nicely as possible; there are a lot of bookkeeper websites out there that need some tender love and care. There are common mistakes that bookkeepers make on their websites. These mistakes are either made by the bookkeeper doing it themselves, or hiring someone who doesn’t know the industry well.

Sometimes it’s just a case of the website being very out of date, and bookkeepers simply not keeping up with trends. I’ve asked business owner friends about their impressions of bookkeeper websites, and their reaction was the same as mine; there isn’t a lot of good ones out there that inspire a person to pick up the phone. But that’s good news because that means if you have a great website you really set yourself apart from the competition.

Reason Five: I couldn’t imagine ever leaving the bookkeeping industry.

I started bookkeeping when I was around 15 years old, over two decades ago. Bookkeeping and the industry has been my life and passion, and I just couldn’t imagine starting again in a whole new industry. There are many people that I care about and want to help in bookkeeping, so… I’m sticking around. That means I need a job, and if it isn’t going to be bookkeeping, it’s going to have to be something else I love doing!

Reason Six: It’s enjoyable to watch a bookkeeper’s business grow.

Most bookkeepers start out with a five-page website and go from there. It’s fun because I get to spend time with the bookkeeper helping them discover their niche, and teaching them about branding and marketing. To see those “ah-ha!” moments as they learn something new about their industry, about marketing, about business or about themselves.

Reason Seven: Website design jobs are a great way to start helping bookkeepers feel confident about marketing.

Often bookkeepers who come to me for a website design, end up buying other services over time like a logo design, getting their branded doc templates set up so they can collect e-signatures (using PandaDoc), one-off mentoring sessions, or training programs. I don’t want to just cash-in and sell a bookkeeper a website, or anything else. I am looking at the long-term relationship and the journey we get to go on with bookkeepers. Watching them grow is very rewarding.

Reason Eight: I want my clients to get more clients.

Bookkeepers are always looking for new clients to expand their business, and move on from clients that they don’t enjoy working with anymore. I know that my bookkeeping business website was a great source of income. After I first set it up, I got twelve new clients which equated to around $11,000 income per month. As I say to my clients “you only need one new paying client from your website, and it’s paid for itself for the rest of your career.”

Reason Eight: Because I dislike the thought of bookkeepers having sites that aren’t set up properly.

A quick check on my website audit tool will let you know how well your site is set up. Page errors, and incorrect SEO can cost you in terms of Google searches. It’s easy to set your own site up with errors and unfortunately even some of our competitors make some fatal errors on clients sites. I stand against this happening in our industry. There is really no reason for it. My promise is that I will set up your website to be extremely SEO friendly and technically sound, as well as pretty.

If I can knock a few dodgy competitors out the way, I sure will!

Reason Nine: I like bookkeepers.

I don’t know about you, but I think bookkeepers are just a great bunch of people. We have a thriving community that is supportive and helpful. Since I stopped bookkeeping and started working with bookkeepers instead of ordinary business owners, I’ve been way happier. My clients are grateful and appreciate the work I do, so it’s very rewarding. I just… like bookkeepers.

Reason Ten: Because…. I can.

And finally, the last and most important reason that I only specialise in designing websites for bookkeepers is a totally persona reason. Because I can. It’s my life, my business and that’s what I choose to do. I’ve never been happier in a business decision, it’s working well for me so I really don’t need a reason. But I thought it would be fun to see how many I could come up with.

So there you have it… 10 Reasons AmyHooke.com specialise in Website Design for Bookkeepers. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Amy x
PS. I love hearing your feedback so comments are most welcome.

Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps female entrepreneurs who run a bookkeeping business feel more confident about marketing and develop a brand to suit their personality and goals.